Center Stage: Turn It Up, 2008

Kate Parker says goodbye to her friends in Detroit and her sister because she is leaving home to go to an audition for the American Ballet Academy in New York City. Kate doesn’t make it, and instead of her, a certain Suzanne Von Stroh is chosen, because of an argument between the director of the school, Jonathan and one of the teachers, Cooper Nielson. A young dancer, Tommy Anderson, is stunned by Kate and is sure that she passed and got into the academy, but soon he discovers that she was rejected and pairs up with Suzanne.


  • Raising The Barre – Medusa
  • Balloon – Sara Haze
  • Give It All I’ve Got – Bekki Friesen
  • Turn Around – Soul P
  • Burnin’ – Ms. Triniti
  • I Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere – Soul P
  • Num Num – The DNC
  • You Should Be Gone – Christelle Radomsky
  • Loosen Up – Golden ft. Sophia Shorai
  • Mista Ambarosia – The Spectaculars
  • Don’t Sweat – Ms. Triniti
  • Street Ballet – Medusa
  • Paper Plane – Lucy Schwartz
  • A Part In That Show – Chris Joss
  • Act Like You Want It – X5 ft. Mr. Fang
  • Inside Outside – Miss Eighty 6
  • Swing Baby Swing – The DNC
  • Nobody Hot As Me – KU
  • Rainmaker – Sara Haze
  • Ten Things To Prove – Amali Ward
  • You Belong – The Skies Of America
  • 24 – Jem

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