…before stepping out onto the stage you can’t help but smile…

…being backstage…

…the adrenaline rush…

…warming up on stage before a show…

…the feeling of stage lights…

…the music starts playing, the curtain is opening, you holding your opening pose and count down 5, 6, 7, 8…



  • you always have bruises and burns on your knees from floorwork

  • cracking your hips is the best feeling ever

  • a nod = a compliment

  • it’s so weird to see your classmates with their hair down

  • you know the best place to watch the show is from backstage

  • you are happy when you do a good bun

  • your dance bag smells like something died in it

  • everyone does a plié and all you hear is ankles and knees cracking

  • your teacher knows what mistake you’re going to make, before you make it

  • you do a move in class and the teacher puts it in the choreography

  • people think that you have a twitch because you are marking a dance with your hands

  • you can’t help but think of a past routine when the song comes on the radio

  • you sleep in dance positions

  • you naturally stand in ballet positions

  • you practice your tap routines under your desk at school

  • you wear a dress and suddenly you want to do pirouettes everywhere

  • you see a non-dancer with great feet and you think “what a waste…”

  • you walk with your feet turned out

  • you watch a dance movie and afterwards you just want to get up and dance

  • you have an uncontrollable urge to choreograph every song on your ipod

  • you notice how you fall asleep with your leg in passé

  • you are happy that you are sore

  • you argue about timing

  • stairs are your worst enemy after a day of dance

  • you can ask boys for make-up remover

  • what you look for in a guy is his ballon

  • a tennis ball is your best friend

  • you are commonly asked, “Doesn’t that hurt?”

  • dancing means more than academics

  • you talk to people through the mirror

  • you have a list of songs that you want to choreograph to

  • when somehow everything is related to dance

  • you know how to dance with your hands

  • you have a hard time fitting your legs into skinny jeans because your calves are so muscular

  • your feet look like they just came out of a horror film

  • during Christmas every commercial has a corresponding Nutcracker dance


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